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  • User instruction

    LIC recognized the importance and need for ongoing training and user support and developed an extensive program of training and support for users with key objectives:

    • to inform users about services and possibilities
    • training users in the use and operation of services, and
    • to support users in dealing with technical and operational problems

    The training program is implemented by the User Support Department and is constantly being upgraded according to user needs. Currently the program includes the following activities and materials:

    • Open Workshop on Information Literacy
    • Tours / Presentations
    • Educational seminars
      • Seminars on Bibliographical Research and Documentation
      • Seminars on LIC webpage and its electronic services
      • Seminars on specific electronic resources
    • Educational and Informational Material


    • Fiori Papadatou, 0030 2610 969628,
    • Stylianos Mystakidis, 0030 2610 969632,
    • Giannis Tsakonas, 0030 2610 962844,
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