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    The following list of applications are carefully selected to meet the needs of users of LIC, who are increasingly using mobile devices for communication, social networking and information. These applications rely on popular and widely used platforms (Android and Mac OS) and they are freely provided.

    arXiv (subject repository)

    EmeraldInsight (publisher, e-journal platform)

    Free Graphing Calculator (application)

    IOPscience express (publisher, e-journal platform)

    iResearch by American Institute of Physics (publisher, e-journal platform)

    iSSRN (subject repository)

    MathLab Graphic Calculator (application)

    Nature (e-journal)

     RefScan (bibliographic references gathering applications)

    Science Mobile (e-journal)

    SciVerse – ScienceDirect (publisher, e-journal platform)

    SpringerLink Mobile (publisher, e-journal platform)

    Socratica Mobile Chemistry (application)

    TED – Ideas worth spreading (news and lectures)

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